About us:

Broslures is a completely handmade fishing lures manufacturer . To emphasize ecology, we do not use chemical liquid rubbers for production, but 100% silicone rubber. This silicone is very durable, flexible and does not react with other baits.
When dyeing these silicones, we use a highly concentrated pigment dye, which is added directly to the production materials, thus guaranteeing the color stability of our products. All products are protected by a specially mixed layer of clear silicone. By combining different hardnesses, properties and types of these silicones, we are able to give the lures the most attractive movement and action. All our lures are suitable for freshwater and sea fishing.
The design and composition of our baits is completely unique and becomes a novelty on the market of spinning fishing assortment. For the sake of uniqueness, originality and for our protection, we have decided to register all our products with the European Intellectual Property Office against misuse and copying.
In the future, we plan to expand our portfolio with other products that are already in the process of preparation. We always design baits, composition and subsequent testing for several months to have perfect results. We try to make every product that bears the name of our company completely new on market and worked well.
We are fully prepared and committed to bringing Broslures to the attention of all sport fishing enthusiasts! We hope that many of you will fulfill your fishing dream with us!

Thank you!